Thursday, January 6, 2011

EQ and the work world.

In the realm of career, given its unpredictable nature, achieving success isn't just a matter of reading books and career articles or listening to career experts. It's a concept that carries along a whole host of must-haves that deal with EQ for the dreamer, including but not limited to being able to relate with and adapt to what's happening around effectively and being able to establish lasting connections with other people.

While it can be argued that this is also the case in other realms, for instance, love (to a certain degree, yes?), the odds are typically harsher in career, considering how much the society has changed from being personal to professional in perceiving its members in recent years. In other words, the pressure is there. So, it may not seem to appear that way, but EQ skills hold as much importance in the equation of career building or job hunting as the basic IQ skills of comprehension and interpretation.

So now, can we interest you with some EQ seminars at Heh. Before you completely lose your interest in reading, no, we're not here to sales stalk you into doing something for us today. It's just that...just amazes us how much comments of disagreement RE "new year, new perspective" have reached our mailbox in the short span of time between its posting and us logging in again to get today over with. Will undergoing a self assessment really make a difference? Yes it is. Please do the pleasure of reading the first paragraph again.

Not that we're being snarky. We can see raised eyebrows, as if inquiring about the uncharacteristic seriousness of our tone. We're serious because there's a need to be..that is, to be serious.

Think about it and you'll realise how much is dominated by discussions on relationship building, people skills, and work life balance. Although people think differently about things, if you're the IQ type, we cannot allow you to get the EQ aspect out of the equation completely. If you really want to achieve success, it shall remain there to balance things out.

One doesn't have to be a believer of the Ying and Yang concept in order to appreciate the point we're defending here. As we repeatedly say throughout this blog, impressions play an important role in today's work world. Ergo, to achieve success is not just to increase performance but also to fulfill one's personal passions and establish connections, the kind that works and have a high possibility to last.

In their "Questions to Consider before Applying for a job" contribution to Career Advice at, the experts at Kelly Services have listed "Is this job congruent to my beliefs and values?" as a part of the roster. Isn't doing a self assessment the best way (if not the only way) to be able to answer such a question?

But don't get the idea that we're only quoting the article as an act of defense. It's for your good of course. The point is, job hunters who have been 'good' enough (well at least to us) to self asses before fishing for job openings will have better luck in getting invited for interviews than those who haven't. The difference lies in organisation: the former group will be making better applications to job ads, naturally, than the latter. The EQ concept, if applied to the case of job hunters, is all about being able to evaluate job prospects properly, to choose only those that offer a potential for success.

For career professionals, the difference will become apparent when they encounter a need to make a decision in relation to their career development. Better decisions, less risks. Kamal Kant's "Growing a successful career" article at elaborates on this.

But of course, the biggest reason why EQ is important to career professionals has something to do with communication. Some articles that we want you to read:

Eight Essential Interpersonal Skills

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