Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Personality and careers. A short commentary.

Like most people, we're simply of average IQ skills. The only thing that really differentiates us from anyone else is our intense penchant for challenges. It's why we've been called to moderate this blog to begin with. Cool jobs are what most people prefer (Or has the common notion already changed?), but it's not that we don't enjoy this job.

As we repeatedly say throughout this blog, as is probably the case with other career writers, your comments give us fuel. Writing may be a difficult job, but the mere thought that we have followers and that we have to satisfy them all the time so they won't cut their ties motivates us to perform. It's a happy circle of stuff...

Although we're given the freedom to experiment with styles by our editors, we admit that we have the tendency to rant too much when the topic happens to be a favourite of ours. We're aware that whenever one from resume writing, job interviewing, personal branding, stress management, career planning, or goals setting is what's supposed to be in the spotlight, we lean towards the procedure of expressing our thoughts in as much words as we can. It just comes and we can't avoid it, really.

So much for self control, we know... But despite our wordiness, we do make sense, right? Anyway, our goal for today is to prove that we are capable of making things simple (Ergo, of expressing our thoughts in 500 words or less). What we've resolved to talk about for today is something that Career Advice has yet to get more career articles on. So yes, because our resources are limited, we won't be too talkative. Are you ready?

A classic career question: What do personality types have to do with career options? How is it possible that a mismatch can eventually lead to job dissatisfaction?

Here's the thing: There are career experts who specialise in career matching for a reason. Job functions are as varied as us when it comes to preferences, though we're not saying that there's no way for a shy person, for instance, to succeed in a pr job or marketing job or for a naturally bossy person to build a career out of a receptionist job or secretary job. If you're happy with your current job despite its differences to your personality, then you don't have to problematise. Career switchers or those who are just about to start their first ever job search are the ones who should prioritise this.

It's just a simple career theory, one that doesn't need long paragraphs in order to be explained. Chances of you succeeding in a career which fits your lifestyle and preferences are high, of course. Conflicts are less likely to happen because you like what you do. The matter that needs thorough discussion here is the 'how' aspect... how one will be able to find out which job suits his personality best.

And this is where Career Advice comes in. If you haven't encountered this series of articles yet for some reason, we suggest you consult "personality and careers" to be more enlightened. Please take note that the title comes in 6 parts. Part one is at

Taking a test is the best way to determine your perfect match. This article at will orient you on the many different types of tests that you can take to find out what career suits you best.

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