Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New year, new perspective. A short note on career building.

It's amazing how much we've changed -- temperance and writing wise -- since the day we became moderators to Jobs in Singapore. And before anyone raises a point on biasness, the progress is there in the archives -- you can see for yourself. Almost every aspect of ourselves has improved for the good ( least to a certain extent) except, curiously, for one single thing: our penchant for weirdness. It seems we've improved in our ranting, even!

Heh. Kidding aside, we've been more mature since then, but occasionally we still find ourselves fretting over things like a forgotten entry in our schedule (although in a general scheme of things, it's probably more normal to worry about our mailbox, given its non-stop schedule than that).

Well, so much for maturing, but at least there's improvement, right? How about you guys? It's common knowledge that the New Year is a time for self assessments and resolutions. Are you done with your retrospection? If yes, how are you planning to resolve the issues?

It may not seem like it, but doing a self assessment can improve the success rate of a career plan. Whether you are a job hunting or career building, we want you to get your pursuits moving for this year, following a plan that's been carefully crafted by "YOU". Here's something to get you started: think of the mistakes you've committed. How did they affect your career development? Did they prevent you from advancing in career in some way? How about the positives you've done and encountered? How much did they help you in achieving flying colors?

Use whatever you'll end up with as a backbone. Ending up with a "win-win" material is highly likely if you follow all the pointers.

We understand that you may find this difficult to do if you've just been introduced to EQ based techniques in building a career (Probably, by this blog. We remember posting something about self assessments last November 2010) recently. That's no problem because Career Advice is abundant with career articles concerning the topic.

Our editors have hinted that will be getting updates soon. So we've resolved to promote the old ones -- those that we haven't mentioned here yet -- before that day comes. It happens that many career articles from the roster are about the topic of self assessment. Great coincidence, right?

Anyway, our first suggestion is an article that discusses how you can create a career objective that works. Prepared by our counterparts in Hong Kong and which can be read at, the article will teach you the ways to a focused career path. Crystallize your vision of who you are and where you want to go in your career to prosper!

Anyone who uses Career Advice or at least have been to the section once probably knows who Kamal Kant is and have an idea how much he's contributed for the section already. "Self-knowledge is something that has many applications in search of a successful career", we echo an idea of his. His "Know yourself better" article at, although more focused towards the option of getting a career coach, is also an excellent piece to get tips to make proper self assessments. Read and be inspired! But because we're all for the convenience of our readers, here's one tip from the article: learning through career seminars or training opportunities about EQ skills.

We've been promoting since a long time ago, but it's worth to recommend again, so...The article lays out how flawlessly things will work out for someone who has been good enough to self assess before anything else. No reason to slack off, then.

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True to our words, a "short note" is a short note. Have suggestions or violent reactions? Was it too short? Did we miss the point? Feel free to use the comments section below. Singapore
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