Friday, January 7, 2011

Looking for a job in Singapore? The latest buzz in the job market, ed. 1.

In the field of writing, it's sort of believed that writers and versatility go together like bread and butter. Non conformists we may be in your perspective, but as the official blogging representatives of we have every reason to be conscious of our image. Admittedly, we are quite worried to be perceived as crazy people -- what with our shifting styles and all -- by newbies. But to hell with that, as long as it's for the good then...then...

Pardon the rant just now. And we're not planning to make it any more longer, so don't worry. We remember the promise all too clearly, so yes, do you have your notepad and pen ready?

Are we confident that we can satisfy your need for job prospects? We've been researching for this grand unveiling of our revamped concept of Singapore job updates since the start of this year (which is admittedly, just five days ago, but still...), so yes, we have confidence. But not that much that we'll involve ourselves into a "do or die" type of bet with you guys. You know us... we play things safe.

Bummer? We just don't want you to expect too much. But we really hope that these news bits can help you in some way.

The bits about Singapore jobs that we've garnered are just enough to make this worthy to be read. So yes, we're not promising anything grand, but despite that, please still read because you may find some of the details useful.

Granted, the year is just starting. Which makes it quite understandable why we haven't found much. Anyway, again, try to stay with us for as long as you can.

The industries of pharmaceutical and manufacturing are what drove the economy to a record rate of growth in 2010 (albeit in a slower rate compared to the past years), we've read in a couple of end-of-year reports. Its safe to name Singapore factory jobs, pharmaceutical jobs and manufacturing jobs as the biggest winners in terms of number created in 2010 then. We hope that they'll maintain their steam this's to wishful thinking!

In contrast, the construction industry fell by quite a big percentage, according to the reports. We don't see any reason for you to panic, though, if only because the Singapore construction jobs in our database have been in a good shape since early last year. See for yourself. But of course, it'll greatly help your job search if you nod to the news' message and become more aggressive with your actions.

Hiring potential of the finance sector is good too, along with IT. We don't find this surprising, though, because Singapore IT jobs and finance jobs have been in our top jobs list for as long as we can remember. In line with this, 2011 will probably be a good year for job hunters of Singapore accounting jobs, HR jobs, admin jobs, and engineer jobs, the other consistent placers in the list, too.

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Now, the contests.

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And because its extremely satisfying to do so, we're re-posting this shiny icon about the no. 1 job fair in Singapore, Career Expo 2011:

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