Thursday, January 20, 2011

The power of positive thinking.

When you think about it, both career building and job hunting are subjective concepts. How two job seekers will answer the question of "How are you doing?" will depend on their perception of challenge, for instance. If one is naturally optimistic, he'll probably opt to go with the answer of "I'm thinking of revising my gameplan because I haven't got an interview since last week." Depending on the other job hunter's perception of failure, he may or may not answer with "I''m going nowhere and I badly need help."

This is why more and more training providers, including Career Events, are offering sessions on positive thinking. Specifically, what it has to do with career success.

Writers are always looking for ways to portray themselves cool. We're no exception to that stereotype, of course. However, we're announcing to everyone that's around today that we believe in cliches. How's that for breaking the status quo? "A positive attitude brings strength, energy and initiative" and "Clear thoughts produce clear results" are just some of those that prove our penchant for passed on tidbits of wisdom.

Okay so, we haven't fixed our schedules yet, contrary to our earlier declaration. Many things are going on and well, let's just leave it there or do you want to hear our frustrations out? But we DID plan for today. We just hope that you'll put your inputs too, you using the comments section below (or probably by officially becoming our follower), so we can make this a fruitful one. It's why we've chosen to talk about positive thinking (and introducing it with cliches) in the first place. It's not too heavy but still interesting.

Anyway, going back to Career Events and its past offerings about thinking positive, were you an attendee? No? You weren't aware of Career Events at that time yet? We haven't been informed of what's to be held after March this year, but we have a feeling there will be one about our topic for today. So... keep your fingers crossed while we rally for perhaps another session of "Power of Positive Paradigm" or "Achieve a Successful Career and Live Your Dreams" this year!

This isn't scientifically proven, but we can assure you the effectiveness of thinking like this because we've experienced its effects first hand. Plus, we're not alone on believing that psychology has something to do with career. Career Advice has articles about career success that has points on thinking positive.

An article by Kelly Services at has this advice for job hunters: "The best advice when looking for work is to be active, energetic and tenacious. Don't be put off by initial rejections." They should be thought of as guidelines for a better next time.

The concept of work life balance revolves around the idea of staying happy despite a tough workload. Those who believe that a balanced work and life is the key to success are better workers than those who don't, therefore. Theirs is a superb source for motivation. New to the concept? Want to learn more about it? We recommend the following for reading:

A Great Home and a Caring Community

Work And Play Makes A Great Day

Work-Life Balance 101 Part 1 (comes in multiple parts)

Local Trends In Work Life Balance

And because this is a topic for debate...what do you think? Do you believe that positive thinking can lead one to success as well? Or perhaps you think it can do the job but needs the help of certain other factors? Come on, jump in.

But wait...we're not done yet.

We know many of you are looking forward to tomorrow. We'll be making another update about Singapore jobs, so you better not forget to drop by. In the meantime, please indulge on these:

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And because it's extremely satisfying to do so....

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