Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking for a job in Singapore? The latest buzz in the job market, ed. 2.

Many people think that job hunting simply means "writing a resume" and "applying for job ads". It's true that these are parts of the pursuit. But job hunting is much more than announcing to top companies that you're available for hiring.

Our idea is that job hunting should begin with an assessment of one's career preferences and not with the writing of resume.

Job hunting, in its simplest sense, is frustrating. Have you been applying for jobs for quite some time now, but to little avail (even though you're with help from MyJobsDB and this blog)? Random applications can't do anything but frustrate you more, so re-frame your actions with proper self assessment asap.

We're explaining this like its a life-and-death business for a reason. Many job seekers commit the mistake of rushing things out and we want you to cut the habit if you belong to this crowd. That's how much we care.

Our updates on Singapore jobs are known for being quirky, but we're breaking the tradition today, so we can emphasize to our readers (especially the news ones) this point. Can you promise to do this before applying to whatever we'll be putting here in a few minutes?

Anyway, as we've said in the previous edition, the year's just starting so we don't expect to get much on the news until late February or early March. What are we planning to present in the meantime that we're still waiting for recruitment agencies and MOM to release their first quarter findings? Various factors help us in determining which industries to announce over here and in what light. We've been the moderators of this blog for many months already and right now, the status of our research skills are great.

Don't be surprised that we're giving hospitality jobs a special mention today. Since the opening of the IRs until now, food jobs, casino jobs, operation jobs, hotel manager jobs, and tourism jobs have been in our top jobs list, so that's kind of given. Or is it? Kidding aside, we've read that Sentosa has just had a makeover and that more more people are leaving the races in favor of going to the casinos. Surely, those factlets account for something positive in the eyes of job seekers in the hospitality industry.

How about the other industries? Alongside the pillars of Find Jobs (accounting jobs, banking jobs, marketing jobs, education jobs, and IT jobs in Singapore), currently, the spotlight's on advertising jobs, beauty jobs, medical jobs, insurance jobs, PR jobs, and telecoms jobs. Check them all out at

Other announcements...

Have you already seen the changes on the website? if you haven't noticed it yet, in line with the fact that we're always seeking thing to improve our services, has just shifted to being What does that mean to you? Take a look at Find Jobs. Now it's easier to remember the web addresses of our job positions! There's no need to type too many letters anymore.

Career Advice has two new articles, one from Hays Singapore and another from our editors. Have you checked them out? What makes a Senior Executive leave? at is directed towards employers, but it also has ideas that you can use to carry out your plans better this year.

Why must you read the other one too? According to Hays Singapore's latest press release at, this year is a good time to pursue your plans for career advancement, perhaps, a salary increase?'s photocontest on Facebook at is still ongoing. Have you submitted an entry already?

What's your dream job?! has just released its December winners at We'd like to extend our congratulations to ERIC, WEI TING, and ZONG HUAN on this blog. Great job, guys!

And we're increasing the number of winners for January. If you haven't joined yet, do so now! Singapore
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