Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Read books!

Do you not like our perfectionist attitude? Is it because we always complain?

Here's the thing, we REALLY have a genuine belief for public service. It's just that... just that... our mouths can't be shut.

Okay, that's another issue entirely. Blame the randomness from a feedback we've received recently. Don't worry because we're stopping now. Before anyone makes the boo noise or punch us on the face, actually, THERE is a career topic to be discussed today, not just our personal insecurities. We DID set something up. Is the topic of books as career resources interesting enough for you?

Why aren't we not sure? We haven't done this in a while. What if you'll not like it the second time around (considering that the Good Reading portion of Career Advice at sg.jobsdb.com hasn't been updated in a long time)? What if you'll think that we're just making things more obscure with our writing style?

Crap. Here we are with our insecurities again, but we mean these questions well. If you'll be generous enough to comment on our performance after reading, we'll see that as a debt of gratitude. Just use the comments section below. We've chosen to not close it, risking our blog from spam, because we want to hear you guys out.

So yes, career books?

Industry news, career tips from experts, and good books can help you achieve success in your career building or job hunting pursuit. Combine all the things you'll learn from these resources and you'll give yourself a key for better luck with top employers and your boss. It's just that we tend to favor the first two more as writing topics. But well, here we are trying to correct that bias behaviour.

From those about personal development to job search, Good Reading has a lot of suggestions for you. But based on old comments, these are the best:

More can be found at sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerIndex/Good-Reading?ID=204.

They're expensive? We admit that some of them are, but remember, our editors come up with 'creative' ways to get you to read books. Attending selected career seminars at www.learningdb.com.sg is one way to get into book learning for free. The following are the February seminars with free book as a sign up bonus:

  • Exceptional Work Skills with Tina Altieri on Feb 16 -- All participants will receive "The Etiquette Edge" worth S$ 26.95.
  • Building Great Business Relationships with Shirley Taylor and Alison Lester on Feb 18 -- All participants will receive Shirley & Alison's"Communication: Your Key to Success" worth S$20.
  • Dealing with Difficult People and Situations with Christian Chua on Feb 22 -- All participants will receive Christian's book "How to be A Success Magnet" worth S$25.
  • Achieving Peak Performance by Improving your Memory with Nishant Kasibhatla on Feb 23 -- All participants will receive Nishant's book 'Maximise your Memory Power' worth S$20.

So, what are you waiting for? Pass your boss the link www.learningdb.com.sg/default.htm#Feb and tell him about the great deals now. For more information, please contact LearningDB.com at 6861 1000 or email to learning@jobsdb.com.sg.

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