Monday, February 21, 2011

Learning reminders and Career Expo 2011!

We're surprised that we haven't ranted in a while. Well, ranting is our favorite stress buster. And it's not like we haven't been stressed out these past few days. We're in graduate studies, for Pete's sake. How can we not be stressed?!?

Guess we're changing...for the good. It's actually good to know that we're starting to adjust following your preferences. Will you visit us everyday now?

It will help, really. Haven't you noticed? We've kept our prose shorter since four weeks ago, so we won't take too much time from your schedules.

Not that we're begging for your attention. Again, you visiting us every day will help. In what terms, you ask? Doing well in a writing job is all about having motivation. You are our pillars and...well, catch the drift from there.

Before this gets any more dramatic, we're making it clear that the main agenda for today is to promote the seminars from that will take place within this week. Did you visit last Friday? Yes, those. And well, the highly anticipated Career Expo 2011 is coming in 4 weeks and we ought to make a noise! There's no reason for you to not read, really!

We've got lots scheduled under If you've signed up before, think of this as a reminder. If you're still in the thinking phase, well, sign up now!

23 Feb Achieving Peak Performance by Improving Your Memory

Effective Credit Control & Speedy Debt Recovery
24 Feb Understanding Financial Statements for Non-Finance Personnel

Stress and wellness management

Raise your Game 2011

Use of Social Media for Online Engagement
25 Feb Introduction to Consolidated Accounts

Effective Technical Writing Skills

Becoming Art of War CEO (session 1 of 6)
28 Feb Writing Effective Minutes

We'd like to highlight "Raise Your Game 2011" in the list. Don't miss this event if you want to improve your work efficiency and achieve job satisfaction. Nine career experts are set to speak; the rates of $288 (APSS Member) and $368 (Non-Member) are more than worth it.

"Use of Social Media for Online Engagement" is a new comer this 2011. In today's work world where information technology plays a major role, it is important that companies take part in social media. Bosses who are looking to enter their businesses in the cyberspace are encouraged to attend as well as those with SEO jobs and IT jobs in general.

For more information, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to To enlist, go to

As for the job fair...

Well, are you excited? Complete details:

Date : 25 – 27 March 2011, ( Fri - Sun )
Time : 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Price : Admission is Free! (16 Years and above only)
Venue : Suntec Convention Centre Halls 402 – 403

Register now at to reduce your waiting time at Career Expo!

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