Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goal setting simplified.'s been a while since we last had a silly conversation with you guys. These past few days, we've been taking things a little bit differently on this blog. That is, we've been writing more "professionally". Just hammering the point, in case you haven't noticed it yet... You see, we're trying to adjust to your standards of 'good reads'.

Honestly speaking, we kind of miss the lightness of our writing style before this 'professional' attempt. In relation to that, will you allow us to take things lightly at least once a week starting next week? Preferably, every Thursday before our Updates on Singapore Jobs? But well, it's not like we're forcing you to approve. You're the boss, after all.

Anyway, since Career Advice hasn't been updated yet, the smartest route for us to take for today, now that we've let our another "irrelevant' request, is to comment on a frequently asked question about career building or job hunting. How about"How do I set goals properly?" Are we good?

Goal setting may sound simple, but the fact is, many career professionals commit a mistake on this aspect. What is proper goal setting, anyway?

Career expert, Kamal Kant, has written "Reach Out for the Stars" at exclusively to clear these things out. How do you set goals properly? Three things:

  • Mark a deadline. It will heighten your focus.
  • Track your progress at least weekly.

You have to write your goals as SMART or else, you'll waste your time. Marking a deadline is in order so you'll be forced to take action. Finally, if you don't track your progress, you're in danger of getting stuck at a deadend.

Pretty simple, huh? Reading these additional career resources can help:

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