Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Checklist for a career change.

Are there any studies linking lack of sleep with feeling enthusiastic the next day? We'd like to know because well, we haven't slept a wink in 30 hours yet we feel rather giddy right now. It's weird...we're weird. But at least you can be sure your time will not be wasted today, right?

Something to do with what's set to be discussed? Probably. Because we really are in love with career changing as a topic. If you've been following us for quite a while now, you should know. Anyway, the rabbit year has just arrived. It's a fresh start and many are thinking of moving on in their careers. But is the rabbit year really a good time to execute a career change plan? Because how we interpret the rabbit year is different. Remember our LNY post?

From an accounting job to a teacher job? Or perhaps your plan is to move from an engineer job to an IT career? Very technical, right? So, let's not use the LNY mindset to resolve the issue at hand. There is not a single date in the calendar that can assure you a successful transition to another career, the thing is. You shall depend your decision on your financial and emotional being.

That is, of course, unless you have no job offer waiting for you. Competition has never been this tight in the Singapore job market, so you will probably find yourself job searching for months. After all, you'll be facing individuals who have solid experiences on the field. Are your savings enough to get you and your family going for at least six months?

Stress comes with being jobless for a long time. And it is a different kind of stress, mind you. So, it is important that you consider your emotional being before your throw in the towel. Are you sure you can withstand the rush that being jobless will give you?

Career consultant, Valerie Young, advises: "If the thought of just up and quitting your day job frightens you, start building your client base on the side. Begin with low-risk steps and gradually work your way up to the harder stuff."

More points to ponder on? If you have more time to spare, please read this article at This has been written to provide insights for those seeking to change jobs like you.

But basically (because we're all for your convenience), here's a checklist to help you decide if you're really ready to move on to another field.

  • Is this "it"? We mean, do you see yourself doing this "new prospect" until retirement?
  • Are your savings enough to get you and your family moving while you're out of pay? Do you need loans?
  • Is your network updated?
  • Are you done fishing for mediums to find job ads?

You beg to disagree on a certain point? You have suggestion on how we can improve our checklist? Just use the comments section. Singapore
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