Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Revolutionise your job hunting. (Part 1 of 2)

There's a big difference between job hunting online and using the internet as a "tool" for the pursuit, and unfortunately this distinction seems to have been lost upon the job hunters of today, resulting to unnecessary frustrations. Has it been months since you started your job hunt? Are you not getting response despite having sent your resume multiple times? It simply means that it's time you open your eyes to the prospect of reading the news, networking and attending career events. Having interviewed many career experts already, Singapore is more or less in the position to say that. Singapore is not in any way denying the fact that the addition of the internet in the recruitment picture has made things easier. Yes it did, and it continues to do so. However, it seems to have placed a wrong notion in the general public's mindset in terms of going about the task of finding a job. For one, not all jobs are advertised online and secondly, as popular the Singapore job market is, it's hard to imagine how many people are competing for a single job ad. In order to widen your chances of getting contacted for an interview, put down how you see the internet in your search and look into the prospect of trying other strategies.

The reason why Singapore has Career Expo, Career Events and is because it believes in the fact that to get better results, job hunting should be done via multiple strategies, strategies that go beyond the 'conveniences' the cyberspace offers, which means you shouldn't just browse the internet to reach openings. The JobsDB database is always updated for the purpose of keeping your job search active, but through the likes of banner ads, the site also encourages you to be open to attending seminars. This is so that you can up your qualifications as well as meet new people for the sake of networking.

You'll learn more about networking and Career Advice in part two. Stay tuned! While waiting, we recommend the following:

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