Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Self Assessments? Career Positioning?

It's been so long since we last featured an article about job hunting (that's comprehensive) on this blog. We have to do something.

Okay, our brains are still in tact and very much capable of coming up with intelligent sentences. Considering that Career Advice has just been updated with another job hunting article, we have no reason to not do... this... thing.

Not that we're against the idea, but we guess, we're just afraid to miss the point of the article entirely? Well, we lack sleep (again). Anyway, Ms. Christie Khoo's advice for job hunters is very related to our belief of "applying only to job ads you're qualified for", so we'll probably do good?

The General Manager of Recruit Strategy Pte Ltd is also a regular contributor at sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerIndex. We've mentioned her name a lot of times already over here, so if you've been watching our actions since a long time ago, you should find her name familiar at least. In her latest career article contribution, Christie emphasizes the importance of making strategies in positioning yourself to your prospective employer.

They've modeled their company's search process after the Sun Tzu Art of War strategies, according to Christie. Summarizing everything into five points, Christie encourages job hunters to consider positioning themselves based on the factors of "moral", "climate", "terrain", "leadership", and "discipline" before they start their next set of job applications.

It will be beneficial for you to self assess, in other words. Sample reflection questions from her per factors:

Instead of simply saying you are hardworking; go further by sharing an example of the time that you had stayed up doing extra research to ensure that you will be able to present the best information for that all-important project presentation.

Share one or two memorable learning experiences during the time spent within the various academic institutions that you had previously attended.

If you had previously been in the frontline service or sales positions, share your discoveries on the importance of customer service standards and interpersonal communication skills and how you are keen to be utilizing these learning in the Personal Banker position that you are applying for.

If you had always been learning the piano and enjoy music, speak about this and how you see that this passion of yours is the same passion that you are able to bring into your job – where you see yourself stepping up and bringing people together for respective causes; taking the initiative basically.

If your vision for yourself is to be a private banker, then share with the interviewer or write it in your resume citing joining and pursuing a banking career as the motivating factor for yourself.

Another must-read article from Christie:

Strategies to Beat the Recession Blues

You're not new to self assessments, right? So this won't be hard. It's a favourite topic of ours and we have a penchant on writing about it.

Christie's exercise will require time, but basically, it's all about marketing yourself in the best way possible to the employer. How can you market yourself like this if you've applied for a position you're not really qualified for? That's the idea.

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