Thursday, February 17, 2011

Revolutionise your job hunting. (Part 2)

We're wrapping up the career discussion with a bang!

The main benefit of networking is that it's a great way to get access to the hidden jobs market. As wide a jobs portal JobsDB is, there are still jobs that are out of its scope. As far as the task of getting more invites is concerned, actively networking while also continuously applying for jobs using the database is going to hand you gold, if nothing else.

Granted, this is hard work, but here's the thing: Double the effort, double the result. Take it from what professional Career Consultant, Paul Hastings has written in his “5 laws of successful career search” article at "You are embarking upon a marketing campaign, to secure for yourself a position that will allow you to achieve your fullest potential in the job market." So don't be discouraged with the load -- everything's for your progress anyway.

In the “10 questions to ask if you still haven't found a job” article by Katharine Hansen at, it has been stated that passive methods of job hunting aren't enough to get you a job. Katherine has asked in the article: are you networking? "Take your resume everywhere and give it out to everyone you can. Try networking. "

Co-author of popular book Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0', David Perry also believes in the power of networking when it comes to upping a job hunter's chances in the landing a job department. "Network with the newly departed - Find former employees on Google, Linkedin, or your own network." You can read more at

News Watch has been established as a Career Advice staple for the same reason. It's so that the members are kept aware of what's happening around. What importance is there in keeping up with the news in the pursuit of job hunting? If you pay attention to this blog, you may know what we'll be writing next: the news is a great career recourse, and so read the periodicals regularly to know the tempo. The news will inform you the current in-demand skills and help you find alternatives, in case your choice of industry isn't as accommodating.

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