Monday, February 14, 2011

We interrupt our regular programming for this learning and development update.

We feel bad. And it's not because we lack sleep. You guys know we're in graduate school, right? Nothing's really wrong with our schooling, but a "zero is a zero" and can never a good thing for perfectionists. Granted, it's not yet the end of the world and we still have a second chance, but gosh, that zero has really left a big dent on our class standing. Not to mention, on our pride bank. Comment on this later and make us feel happy.

Anyway, we don't have plans on bugging you with too much information this morning. Our agenda is simple: to remind you of Have you passed the URL to your boss?

You haven't? Prioritize it this Monday. Learning and development is an important concept in career building. Mind your learning and career advancement will be easy to achieve.

Our editors at is going to be busy this week. And the good thing is, it's not yet too late to enlist. Just to give you a glimpse:

14-15 Feb -- Import & Export Procedures & Documentation
14-15 Feb -- Technical Writing Skills for Managers and Technical Professionals
16 Feb -- Exceptional Work Skills
17 Feb -- Mastering the Basic & Intermediate Concepts of GST
17 Feb -- Creativity at Work
18 Feb -- Building Great Business Relationships
18 Feb -- Telephone Skills for Service Professionals

In particular, we greatly recommend Exceptional Work Skills with Tina Altieri. But it's not just because all participants will receive "The Etiquette Edge' worth $S16.95. Know how you can stay ahead in today's competitive environment!

Team leads, HR managers, and sales managers are greatly encouraged to enlist their staff's attendance to Telephone Skills for Service Professionals with Chua Bee Choo. Those with Sales Jobs, Support Jobs, Business Development Jobs, Secretary Jobs, and Receptionist Jobs are bound to learn a lot from this seminar.

To view the complete schedule for February, please visit For more information, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to

Oh, Present With Confidence by Career Events is going to be this week! Think of this as a reminder if you've signed up a long time ago. If you haven't, well, enlist now or else you'll lose a big opportunity. For more information, please call Pei Yan at
6861 1000 or email us at

BTW... Are you guys excited for Career Expo 2011? Just a few weeks to go! You can enlist your attendance as early as now at Exhibitor information is not yet final, but you can be sure that you'll get your time's worth. Career Events is going to be sponsoring career talks too to make the event better.

And before we let you guys go...Career Advice has just been updated with a new article! We promised to update, right? We'll give the article a proper feature sometime this week or the next. Stay tuned! Singapore
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