Friday, February 4, 2011

Looking for a job in Singapore? The latest buzz in the job market, ed. 5.

Because everyone's still in a celebratory mood (and we don't want to risk our friendship with you guys, again), we're making this quick. Surprised? Don't be. If nothing else, we're flaky writers.

But because time is of the essence, we're already making it clear that this update is going to be filled with good news. Not that we haven't found bad things to share, but for the sake of the fresh arrival of the Year of the Golden Rabbit into our lives, we're going away from the hostilities for now. You should too (maybe spare us from your spicy comments until after two weeks, perhaps?) But that's just a suggestion.

Anyway, we've read a report at that Singaporeans in general are optimistic about the country's economy in the future, recalling the results of a survey done by Reach, the Government's feedback arm, last year. We know...this isn't Singapore jobs related, but it's the New Year and we're supposed to be ecstatic, right?

Okay, we're hodge-podging and we know it. Before anyone gets really pissed off, here are our findings. We've found out that more food establishments will open for business this Lunar New Year, which will give way for more restaurant jobs, cook jobs, chef jobs, food jobs and beverage jobs. This is, needless to say, a good prospect for job seekers of hospitality jobs in the hospitality industry.

And oh, we haven't mentioned Resort World Sentosa's recent upgrade to attract more tourists. More tourists means better profit. And better profit brings in the job openings and career opportunities.

How about other industries? Did you miss the last edition? Last week, we shared the contents of the latest Quarterly report from Hays Singapore. Just to help you recall, HR jobs, office jobs or admin jobs, pharmaceutical jobs, sales jobs, and supply chain jobs were mentioned there alongside the all-time top jobs of accounting jobs in Singapore, banking jobs, IT jobs, and construction jobs.

And that's it. We still have announcements to make and our space allocation theory is suggesting we've already talked about Singapore careers enough. Don't worry because we're making our announcements visual: Singapore
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