Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stressed out?

We've been moderating this blog for more than a year now. So, the issue is no longer about "How should I write?" but rather, "What should I write next?". We may not be immune to verbal diarrhea, but to tell you honestly, we're running out of blogging ideas. In short, we don't know what to write about anymore. The realm of career is not really the most open when it comes to creativity (you know...), and we feel that we've already tackled everything that's there. Recycling is the only way to cope up with the task, or do you have suggestions?

Yes, we need your help! How about you share with us your thoughts on career building or job hunting and we'll comment on them? Or you can just post a question at the comments section below and we'll try our best to respond? These are just ideas and you may do something else to help us with our dilemma as long as it's not defamatory and it's career-related. Are we good?

Boy, that sounded rather defensive. But really, we're in need of assistance when it comes to ideas. We don't want to recycle so much if only because we've grown to love this blog like no one would believe. Anyway, now that we're done semi-ranting on this THING that has been bugging us since 2011 has reared its head, we can follow our schedule better.

Just to make our objectives for today clear, the topic of stress management have been set for discussion! Yey!

See, it's not a new topic. And we've already written loads about it over here. But you can make it better!

But that's beside the point NOW and...let's go back to the real topic at hand? Managing stress? Yes?

Stress is a normal part of life for career professionals. But getting loads of it everyday can be dangerous. It's why the concept of stress management exists. So you'll know how to wheeze through such dangerous elements with ease.

Right now, we're getting copious amounts of stress from graduate studies and some co-workers. Just so you know...you're probably curious to know what's behind our uncharacteristic enthusiasm today. What's keeping us moving? Career Advice. We discuss elements of sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerIndex over here at least three times a week for a reason. We hope you've already realized that way before or else we'll feel really bad.

Anyway, Career Advice keeps many articles on stress from career experts. These tips from Kelly Services which are contained in this article at sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerArticle/Managing Stress?ID=570 are the best, we think:

  • Try to identify your own stress triggers
  • Adopt techniques which work for you - we all cope with stress differently
  • Be aware of your own symptoms of stress
  • Accept yourself and don't try to be perfect
  • Take action to tackle your problems
  • Looks after yourself physically and mentally
  • Be positive

Other suggestions:

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Just a few more words before we let you go...

Don't let stress ruin your tempo. Fight it off with the help of sg.jobsdb.com via Career Advice. Or...if you're a job hunter, visiting Find Jobs for the latest Singapore Jobs will do the trick better, perhaps?

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