Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Successful job hunting. (part 2)

It's a matter of using expert advice to make 'You' work for employers.

The specifics.

Career experts say no to fancy papers for resume. From the arts field or not, job seekers are expected to print their resumes in standard paper, so as to give ease to the recruiter in terms of spotting their strengths and qualifications. You'd have to understand that recruiters judge more than 50 resumes a day.

The same goes with the way one should write his resume. The "You' aspect in resume writing is all about wording one’s resume in such a way that it'll be able to present him as a good candidate to recruiters. The easiest technique for this is personalising it based on the job ad's details. Take note of the job requirements and highlight your skills that answer to those needs directly.

In terms of job interview, embracing the 'You' aspect comes in answering the questions properly. Don't just showcase how good you are to the employer as you please -- Consistency and clarity are important keywords to note here. Keep the interviewer interested by strategically wording your answer, may the question be inquiring about your weakness or vice versa, to suit you.

That’s why preparation is essential in this phase. You'd have to know a thing or two about the company to be able to word your statements according to their pursuits and sound good. The task also calls for you to memorise your resume inside and out to stay consistent.

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