Friday, February 11, 2011

Looking for a job in Singapore? The latest buzz in the job market, ed. 6.

Everything went well last night. So yes, no rants for today! Does this mean we've found lots of industry news to share? Hmm. Not really. Remember, we're still waiting for March? But still, read. You're going to make us REALLY happy if you do.

So, what's up? How's the Singapore job market doing? Great, particularity because of the hospitality industry. We're being uncharacteristically optimistic just because of it.

We've read from our favourite news resources that tourism in Singapore has created a new record in terms of sales. We don't want to sound redundant but, spearheaded by Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands, we're expecting a stable influx of hospitality jobs until the end of the quarter, and hopefully, beyond. More food jobs, hotel jobs, resort jobs, casino jobs, travel jobs, and tourism jobs coming up!

Job hunters of bank jobs and finance jobs need not worry about running out of prospects to consider too. A surge in banking jobs is expected by experts as the local banks are seen to do good in the coming quarters.

But is tourism and banking the only accommodating job sectors now? As far as the news is concerned, yes, but our database is a good reference for market outlook as well. And currently, it's keeping accounting jobs, admin jobs, marketing jobs, insurance jobs, engineer jobs, education jobs, and IT jobs in Singapore in large numbers. You know where we're getting at, right?

That' Hey, we didn't say we'd surprise you. But this new partner of will probably catch the interest of banker job hunters out there:

And although this is not complete yet, has just been updated with contents! To get a glimpse of what to expect, please visit. If you're going to attend, you can sign up now. We've already established affinity with this shiny icon:

As for other announcements... we're received news that Career Advice is going to be updated with new career articles soon. Stay tuned! For sure, we're going to announce it here, so well, is our blog already bookmarked in your browser?

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We're wrapping up Ed. 6 with some reminders from

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