Thursday, February 10, 2011

What to do while serving the one-month notice period.

Not getting enough sleep is bad, but oversleeping, we've realized a hard way, is worse. It's true what they say... sleeping too much will make you feel puffy the next morning.

But here's the thing, what's set for today is a favourite. We feel weird, but we won't slack off. Our pride's getting in the way. This can be considered a follow-up to yesterday's discussion on career changing. Have you answered "yes" to all the entries in the checklist? Do you already have a resignation schedule in mind?

Please continue reading. We're not going to discourage you or anything. Before a serious misunderstanding rears its head, let us make it clear that what we're set to talk about today does not have anything to do with negativity. How can one make the most out of his one-month notice period? What should one do while serving this period? Here are five suggestions from us:

  • Do your tasks like the usual. Or better yet, boost up. Especially if you've worked there for many years, this is a great way to show your gratuity to the company.
  • Update your network. In today's work world, networking is a useful tool in career building. That girl you used to seat beside with might be the one to point you to your dream job in the future. You never know.
  • Have unused leaves? Use them to relax, specially if they're not convertible to cash. But we're not saying do not show up anymore during the notice period. Schedule strategically. Remember, we still want you to work like the usual.
  • Review your references. Even if you already have a job waiting for you. It will help in your future career plans.
  • During your free time (your boss may give you less work during this time), surf the net for industry news, training courses and discussions with career experts. No games! Spend it wisely. Keeping up with the latest goings on and updating your skills are a must; you may not find the time to do so in your new career (don't think of this as a threat, though).

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