Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Job hunting for fresh graduates.

Job hunting in Singapore can be frustrating, if only because the market is healthy but tight. Competition is the status quo. Job hunters HAVE to showcase their skills and talents properly, or else they'll get left behind.

This is one of the reasons why we're very fond of job search as a topic. We have a genuine belief for public service, remember? Couple that up with our perfectionism and you'll get a... you'll get a... twisted messenger of career tips. Heh. We're just kidding. Encountering frustrated job hunters frustrate us, simply speaking. As blogging representatives of, we feel inclined to reply to every "I have been job hunting for so long but to little avail" emails we receive, really.

We've received one recently, specifically from a fresh graduate. His main concern is that he has no experience, making his job search all the more difficult -- even experienced career professionals apply for job openings which are supposedly for people like him. What do we suggest he do?

Actually, JobsDB Campus via Career Advice has an upload about job hunting for fresh graduates. This article we're referring to is from Annie Yap, the founder and Managing Director of AYP Associates and can be accessed at Annie has three tips for those who are new to the pressures of the job hunting world:

  • Know what you want
  • Be disciplined
  • Be flexible

Exactly the points we've been discussing over here since the very beginning. If you know what you want and avoid the temptation to apply to every job ad you see, everything else will come into place. We admit that we have not tackled flexibility in job searching before on this blog, so allow us to share to you what we think about it now: You must consider attending career seminars and training opportunities to remain relevant in today's fast changing work world. Mind your learning and development!

Have you been active to organizations during your college years? Use that as an advantage. You can focus your agenda on your student work experience. JobsDB Campus also has a feature about this at that we want you to read. Especially if it's very relevant to the job you're eying, you'll be called out we're sure.

We won't be dragging this any longer so you can already restart your job search. But we'll be leaving you with these other suggestions for additional learnings:

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And hey, Find Jobs has a specific category for fresh graduate jobs and student jobs. You'll probably find your dream job there. Singapore
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