Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy learning!

According to Schermerhorn (2008), good managers...

  • look ahead
  • make good plans
  • help others meet the challenges of the future.
We may not be managers (YET), but we do those things. Do you agree?

Here we go again with our personal insecurities, but really, we're interested to know what you think. Do you find yourself cringing whenever we mention "healthy communication" over here? Or maybe you find yourself nodding with approval?

It's given that we look ahead. But do we deliver? Are our writing standards enough to make good plans for career building or job hunting or do we still need improvement? More important, do we help you meet the challenges of the future?

Heh. So many questions... Of course, you don't have to answer right away. We'll be waiting until the end of this year for your replies. But we're not preventing you from commenting now, while probably choosing which to attend from these career seminars?

We're sneaky and we know it. It's Monday today, after all. We just felt the need to clear these things out first, so we could get the task over with smoothly. And now that we're done, please do us the favor of listening? Here's the thing...we at,, and are going to be busy this week and the next.

If you're ultimately aiming for advancement opportunities this year, you have to pass the link to to you boss ASAP. We've just received the complete list of training opportunities this February from our editors, encompassing the topics of leadership skills, presentation skills, business skills, people skills, writing skills, stress management and emotional intelligence. We're excited about these seminars! You should too.

EQ Techniques - To Improve Personal Effectiveness At Work with Chua Bee Choo will be on Feb 9 and Effective Business Writing with Florence Au on Feb 10. If you've sign up way before, this is a reminder. If you're still thinking, this is your ultimate chance to enlist your name and learn! For more information, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to You can read more about these seminars at

We also want to grab this opportunity to promote Present with Confidence with Jensen Siaw by Career Events again. More information at

And we're done. We understand that you're fresh from a holiday vacation. We don't want to bombard you with too much information, then. Being insistent will not be good for the image we're portraying. And much like you, we still have a hang-over.

But before we let you go, we want to follow up on something. How did our update on Singapore jobs last Friday help you? Did it help you? In what terms? Anyway, in case it didn't help, please check on Find Jobs now for prospects. Our database has just received new Singapore accounting jobs, IT jobs, admin jobs, education jobs, hospitality jobs, media jobs, and engineer jobs.

Happy learning! May all of us have a good week ahead. Singapore
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Schermerhorn, J. (2008). Management (9th ed.). Hoboken, NJ : Wiley.